Customs Compliance Advice

Customs Compliance Advice

Every business that is involved in the movement of goods between countries has to follow Customs regulations and pay duties and tax as appropriate.

Complying with these rules involves careful planning and effective management as the rules are often complex and staying compliant with imports and exports can be tricky, even for large companies, as shipping requirements are subject to complex changes that make it difficult to keep up with the latest procedures.

In our experience around 80% of businesses are not proactive on compliance matters, which also means opportunities to save duty are missed - we can help with both and ensure Customs matters are not just a chore.

This is particularly important given any under declaration of duty can result in a business being assessed for duty, VAT, interest and penalties. Furthermore, over declaration of duty can result in lost profits as duty is often a sticking tax.

Given that penalties start at £250 per import (entry) and can rise to £2,500 per import entry (depending on the severity of the errors made), getting duty calculations wrong can be an expensive mistake.

What HMRC do on Customs Compliance?

HMRC are the Government authority on Customs procedures and regularly carry out checks on import & export declarations, official returns and other documents to make sure that a business is paying the correct amount of import taxes at the correct time, and that where duty relief is applied it is done so correctly. The checks can be by a visit, over the phone, or in writing.

Given that an HMRC compliance check is still a daunting prospect for many people, it is important that businesses are proactive, not just in the Customs Audit process but in dealing with their imports and exports as a whole.

How can The Customs People Help?

Our team has over fifty years of experience in all aspects of Customs & Duty, and has a vast knowledge of the systems involved with the importing and exporting of goods, meaning we are more than capable to make sure your shipments comply with HMRC requirements.

The Customs People offer training and assistance on Customs Compliance to help you understand what is required and be proactive with documents, so you can ensure you are paying the right amount of tax and wherever possible spotting opportunities to reduce the tax payable.

Our services include:

  • Customs planning, including ensuring commodity codes, valuation and reliefs are correctly used;
  • Bespoke in-house training for international businesses on Customs & International VAT
  • Reviews on your current Customs system and suggestions on how to improve it;
  • Assistance & representation in HMRC checks and investigations

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