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Meet Jamie Gibbs

Jamie Gibbs

Excise Duties Adviser

Jamie Gibbs

Jamie Gibbs has over forty years’ experience of customs and excise.  He is widely recognised for his practical and pragmatic approach, as well as his detailed knowledge and understanding of customs and excise legislation.  He has also acted as an expert witness.

Jamie can help all types of businesses - from small companies to large corporations- ensuring that they only pay what is due whilst remaining fully compliant.

Throughout his career, he has advised many household names.

Career Highlights/Milestones

Jamie started his career at HM Customs & Excise over 40 years ago. In his 14 years there, he had a variety of roles including audit officer, anti-smuggling officer, investigator, valuation specialist and tariff classification specialist.

Jamie then moved into practice with Touche Ross (now Deloitte) and Ernst & Young as a customs and excise adviser, reaching the position of senior manager.

During this time Jamie acted as expert witness for a client’s successful High Court challenge against HMRC.

Then, after 10 years, Jamie joined BP and during his 9 ½ years there was customs and excise adviser to all of BP’s UK businesses as well as their international trading company. He also managed the customs and excise team and represented BP on UKOITC (UK Oil Industry and Taxation Committee) and EUROPIA (now Fuels Europe) whose tax committee he chaired.

He then spent 18 months working with ASOS where he implemented AEO while providing tariff classification training to staff.

In September 2016, Jamie established Parsons Green 1962 Ltd and has advised a wide range of clients across all areas of customs and excise.

Jamie also had a spell as interim customs and excise manager of a major high street supermarket chain, where he managed the customs and excise team and was responsible for all customs and excise reporting, including CFSP and excise duty.

His other clients have included multinational oil and gas traders, an energy company, garment e-tailers and retailers, a warehouse and logistics provider, manufacturers, a bulk liquids storage provider and a multinational electrical components distributor.

Since 2019, Jamie has provided support to the Customs People and their numerous, diverse, clients on issues such as customs investigations, tariff classification and valuation, applications for excise warehouse and duty relief approval, export controls, duty repayment claims and HMRC compliance.

His Approach 

During his career, Jamie has earned recognition for his practical, pragmatic, sensible and measured approach. He is well respected due to his knowledge and long and in depth experience of customs and excise issues.

The Nitty Gritty 

Jamie enjoys walking (when the weather allows) and following the fortunes of Fulham FC.