Customs Training

Customs Training

If your organisation is an importer or exporter of goods from countries inside or outside the EU, it is vital you understand the regulations that must be followed to avoid penalties from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

Even if you use an external company to manage your organisation's Customs processes, it is essential to have a full understanding of the rules, because if something goes wrong, the responsibility lies with you.

The Customs People offers tailored training for any import/export business that covers both compliance requirements, as well as those areas that are specific to your business.

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Knowledge and understanding is key

As Customs authorities around the world are beginning to rely on electronic processes rather than paper-based submissions, and the HMRC is becoming more stringent in its inspections of businesses, the need for companies and their employees to understand Customs is more pronounced than ever.

A lack of awareness on Customs matters can lead to errors that can result in missed opportunities and heavy fines. Having informed and trained staff on all associated issues should be a priority in your company, and employees should understand when to ask for help, especially as duty is often a sticking cost.

Training from The Customs People

Our sessions are tailor-made, and provide an understanding and awareness of how Customs processes affect your business, so that issues can be handled with more consideration and care.

We deliver the training workshops at your premises and do not limit the number of attendees, so your entire business can reap the benefits. The sessions aim to help you have an understanding of the following:

  • Parties involved and their functions, including trade controls and agreements
  • The Customs and Excise system, including restrictions from other government departments
  • Rules involved in Customs entry and clearance, including road, rail, sea and courier
  • Import forwarding functions, including cargo planning and national trade routes

Over 50 years' experience in Customs

For over five decades, our team of consultants have helped companies in all aspects of Customs and duty. This means we have vast knowledge of the global import/export system, and are more than capable of handling the training of your employees, to help your business operate efficiently and make sure it runs in line with legislation.

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