Open-ended Authorisations

HMRC are in the process of writing to businesses operating across the UK about open-ended customs authorisations issued before 1st May 2016 for any of these customs procedures:

  • Customs warehousing 
  • Temporary storage 
  • Wharf approvals 
  • Simplified Declaration Procedure (CFSP) 
  • Authorised Consignor or Consignee for Transit

The purpose of the letters is to start the re-authorisation process. Under the terms of the Union Customs Code (UCC) they must be completed by 1st May 2019.

What is the UCC?

The UCC came into effect on 1st May 2016. Under transitional arrangements, open-ended authorisations issued under the Community Customs Code (CCC), before 1st May 2016, were permitted to continue until 1st May 2019. This means that all open-ended authorisations issued under the CCC must be revoked by this deadline, and new authorisations issued under the UCC.

What should I do next?

HMRC has confirmed it has written to businesses affected by the changing regulations by 29th January 2018. Therefore, if you are yet to receive your letter, you are advised to contact the authorisation supervising office.

The letter includes a questionnaire that will start the re-authorisation process. Given the substantial number of authorisations that must be reassessed, the questionnaire should be completed without delay to ensure you are reauthorised before 1st May 2019.

Our knowledgeable consultants can help you throughout the reauthorisation process. We can complete your reassessment questionnaire on your behalf, and take care of any additional paperwork to ensure your business is compliant with UCC regulations.

You should apply for a Comprehensive Customs Guarantee (CCG), which will have to be in place at the time your new authorisation is issued. Submitting the application for CCG as soon as possible is recommended.

We can assist you with any queries throughout the application process, as well as writing and reviewing any required procedures.

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Success Stories

  • "Company 'O' was able to increase the value of sales made to its customer within the contract price after taking advantage of End-Use relief. This meant the initial $3.5million import in a 25 year contract was VAT and duty free."

    Canadian Company 'O' -
  • "Cotton importer 'G' was at risk of losing money through the use of a wrong commodity code - this meant instead of 0% duty, 8% was applied, landing them with a bill of £80,000. Our investigations led to the assessment being waived, and the bill being cancelled."

    Cotton Importer -
  • "Company 'R' took advantage of our planning advice and structured purchases to ensure they were making the most of their options. Advice given included audit trail help, and anti-dumping duty guidance. "

    UK Company 'R' -
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