AEO Planning

The Customs People has the experience and expertise required to help your business prepare for Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status, including the knowhow required to guide you through the entire process.

As experts in the field, we can ensure your business approaches the process of obtaining AEO accreditation in the most favourable and efficient manner. We understand how this often complicated process should be tackled so it does not become an unnecessary burden.

This includes assisting the business ‘Make the Decision’ as to where AEO accreditation should be sought and if so, to what level (AEO – C, AEO –S or AEO –F)

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What you can expect

The Customs People is in a unique position when it comes to helping your business through the AEO process. Given the benefits but complexities involved in obtaining the accreditation, we offer a tailored service to suit the requirements of your enterprise.

As well as providing assistance on our core business of customs (AEO – C is one of the authorisations we regularly advise on), we also provide comprehensive guidance in obtaining the Safety & Security (Section 6) authorisation.

In offering this service, all of our staff who work on AEO have been trained by the same people who train the HMRC to the same high standards. What’s more, we each have a Level 3 BTEC Advanced Qualification in Security Management Systems for the Supply Chain.

We offer much more than simply helping you to apply for AEO status, by conducting a thorough investigation to ensure your business is ready, and providing expert recommendations to ensure you are likely to be granted accreditation. This is especially vital as you have to wait three years before you are able to reapply if your application is rejected.

In-house training

We can provide in-house training to support your company to complete a DIY AEO application. Usually this consists of a one-day consultancy package where we advise on what needs to be done to obtain AEO authorisation. Further to the initial consultancy we can continue to provide additional support if and when required to ensure the recommendations are being implemented in line with your company goals.

Providing assistance with certain aspects of the process

By undertaking the assessment reviews on an independent basis, we can identify other areas to maximise revenue. This assessment is a large part of the AEO application, and aside from applying for AEO status, we will also address areas of potential savings within your business. But, as independent consultants, the 'self-assessment' criteria will be more credibly met with the help of our team.

Assisting with the whole AEO application

The Customs People will utilise our vast knowledge and expertise to complete a full service throughout the process. Aside from gaining AEO status with minimal disruption to your day-to-day schedule, we can also highlight any savings or profits that can be made in your current Duty and VAT structure. We will also deal with the HMRC, leaving you to concentrate on your company and the benefits AEO status will bring.

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Success Stories

  • "Company 'O' was able to increase the value of sales made to its customer within the contract price after taking advantage of End-Use relief. This meant the initial $3.5million import in a 25 year contract was VAT and duty free."

    Canadian Company 'O' -
  • "Cotton importer 'G' was at risk of losing money through the use of a wrong commodity code - this meant instead of 0% duty, 8% was applied, landing them with a bill of £80,000. Our investigations led to the assessment being waived, and the bill being cancelled."

    Cotton Importer -
  • "Company 'R' took advantage of our planning advice and structured purchases to ensure they were making the most of their options. Advice given included audit trail help, and anti-dumping duty guidance. "

    UK Company 'R' -
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Our clients are both importers and exporters in a wide range of areas, including textiles, heavy manufacturing and food, and we help them all to approach the customs process in the best way for their business.

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AEO accreditation is a kitemark stamp of integrity, and our expert team can help you to secure it for your business, opening up a wider world of business opportunity.