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Do I need external advice to apply for AEO status?

If you are considering seeking AEO status for your business, you will need to take some time to research the process and what to expect. It is also advisable to put some thought into whether you will hire a company to help you achieve the status, or whether you can do so alone.

The benefits of using an external company have been outlined below:

Creating a stress-free process

Enlisting a customs consultancy takes the pressure off you as a business owner, leaving you free to concentrate on your day-to-day operations. The onus is on the company to ensure problems are rectified promptly. After all, that is what you are paying them for.

Expert advice

A professional body is on hand to manage the process, and their knowledge of this area will be invaluable. HMRC experts know this process inside out, and know exactly what companies look for when granting AEO.

Enhanced business processes

The complex nature of AEO, and the thoroughness of the application, means that many financial and logistical aspects of your business will be closely analysed. An AEO consultancy will know just what they’re looking for, and can advise on areas of improvement, assist with document trails or advise on processes to ensure every aspect of your business is AEO-ready.

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